This location is now closed. Clinic is moving to Fort Lauderdale.

MMTC Aventura/Miami

About Dr. Samer Elhakim

Dr. Samer Elhakim is a specialist practicing primarily in Sunny Isles, FL, with another office in North Miami Beach. He graduated from medical school in 1984, has over 33 years of experience, and his specialties include family medicine. Dr. Elhakim is affiliated with Palmetto General Hospital, and Medical Marijuana Treatment Clinics of Florida, Miami.

Schedule an appointment at this location below. Additional dates and times are also available by contacting us at (850) 906-5000. Patients must be 21 or older.

Miami Location

19100 W Dixie Hwy Suite A Miami, Fl 33180


MMTC MIAMI AVENTURA 19100 W Dixie Hwy Suite A Miami, Fl 33180

Miami Clinic

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