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$299 Initial In-office Assessment   •   $99 Initial 6-Month Follow-Up   •   Click here to see current discounts

$299 Initial In-office Assessment
$99 Initial 6-Month Follow-Up
Click here to see current discounts

The MMTC Tallahassee clinic will be at a new location as of JULY 1st! We are moving to a larger building less than a mile from the current Capital Circle clinic, at 2777 Miccosukee Rd. Tallahassee FL 32308

The MMTC Tallahassee clinic will be at a new location as of JULY 1st!
We are moving to a larger building less than a mile from the current Capital Circle clinic, at
2777 Miccosukee Rd. Tallahassee, FL 32308

Schedule an appointment at this location below. Additional dates and times are also available by contacting us at (850) 906-5000. Patients must be 21 or older.

Tallahassee Location

1908-4 Capital Circle NE
Tallahassee, Fl 32308


1908-4 Capital Circle NE
Tallahassee, Fl 32308

TRULIEVE Tallahassee

800 Capital Circle SE
Tallahassee, FL 32301


1639 Village Square Blvd
Tallahassee, FL 32309


1902 Thomasville Road
Tallahassee, FL 32303

About Dr. Joseph Dorn

“I have 20 years of medical practice in general medicine, having spent the last 12 years as a hospice/palliative medicine physician. Providing care for terminally ill patients using prescription narcotics and other addicting traditional medications, which were often less effective with many side effects, caused me to consider alternative treatments, most notably cannabis-derived products. Now I have dedicated my medical practice to evaluations and ordering of medical marijuana products for patients suffering from qualifying conditions per Florida laws. The use of such products is based on credible medical studies that have been conducted on thousands of patients throughout the world during the last few decades.”

A native of South Carolina, Dr. Dorn holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Clemson University and Doctorates in Medicine and Dentistry from the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston. He has been a resident of Florida since 1994 and has been active in numerous medical missions to Central America for the last 20 years.

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Veterans Discount

10% discount

  • MMTC offers a 10% discount to veterans on all clinic services.
  • Applies to all MMTC clinic locations. This discount is available year-round.

Patient Transfer Pricing

$49 initial assessment for transferring patients

  • Unsatisfied with your current provider? MMTC wants to help you out.
  • $49 initial assessment for patients who already have a registry Florida ID card and are looking to switch medical cannabis doctors.
  • Applies to all MMTC clinic locations. This discount is available year-round.

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Tallahassee Patient Testimonials

Barbara, 74 Tallahassee

Barbara, 74

– 6 months on medical cannabis
– Parkinson’s, chronic pain, debilitating tremor
– Previously treated with opioids, epilepsy medication, physical therapy

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Excerpt: “I have Parkinson’s, chronic pain, and a tremor which runs in our family. It affects my voice, my jaw, my hands, my head. And in the past I’ve tried medications. I could have drunk alcohol heavily, that usually helps, but that wasn’t an option for me for obvious reasons. And I also have pretty bad back, which continued to get worse from being a nurse. It got to the point where the tremor prevented me from drawing blood, drawing up medications, feeding myself without embarrassment, and so forth and so on…”

Russ, 39, Tallahassee

Russ, 39

– 4 months on medical cannabis
– PTSD, severe physical trauma to back
– Previously treated with mood stabilizers

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Excerpt: “I took 9-10 pills in the morning and another handful like that every night. Since I’ve come here, I don’t take any of those pills in the morning. I do take some nighttime pills, but I don’t take mood stabilizers like I had to. I’ve been treated with medical cannabis four months, and it has made a huge change.

I came to Dr. Dorn, and it seemed like I already had known him. I think the the best thing is, if I had any questions at all, he would answer them…”

Emily, 32, Tallahassee

Emily, 32

– 6 months on medical cannabis
– Lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, shrinking lung syndrome
– Previously treated with Fentanyl, Oxycontin, Ativan

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Excerpt: “With the medical cannabis and coming off of all the narcotics and opioids, I’m able to function as more so myself these days. My pulmonary function tests have changed drastically. My diffusion capacity went from 0.14% to about 85% within the last year, so we’re hoping to get me back to work within the next year depending on how this process goes…”

Greg, 37, Tallahassee

Greg, 37

– 14 months on medical cannabis
– PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), sleeping problems

I’m still working out some various formularies but I’ve been able to eliminate two medications so I can sleep at night. Still trying to get the day medications tossed out. Overall, medical marijuana has been a blessing because it’s helping me to eliminate poisonous drugs that are pushed on us without a full explanation of the side effects and adverse health consequences of taking them in the long term.


Kathleen, 65, Tallahassee

Kathleen, 65

– 1 months on medical cannabis
– Anxiety

My doctor was compassionate caring and assisted me with understanding what I needed. I went to my clinic knowledgeable and had questions that were pertinent to my condition. I walked away with what I needed and wanted without overpaying. My clinic was caring and understanding and guided me in the right direction. I am pleased with my doctor and clinic.


Elizabeth, 42, Tallahassee

Elizabeth, 42

– 3 months on medical cannabis
– Epilepsy, Neuropathy, Migraines, Anxiety

I can’t give enough positive feedback for people in my [medical cannabis] experience. I’m not being treated solely for epilepsy, I am being treated for multiple conditions, from neuropathy to migraines, anxiety, and many others. My anxiety and all have been controlled since I started using cannabis. I was confined to my house at times due to the anxiety being so high that I couldn’t go out and function with society. Now due to a vape pen I go out anytime with my service animal. I thank God and these people for the help. I ask that you don’t jump to judgement, for when there comes a time that nothing works on your body or your mind any more, can you turn somewhere else? Somewhere positive. That somewhere was here! Thank you thank you thank you! I cannot recommend the vape pens enough if you deal with extreme pain or extreme anxiety. I cannot recommend these people enough. Give them a chance. What a prayer answered, thank you Jesus! Thank you to Dr. Dorn and all the people that work and deliver. God bless you all!


H.H.H., 91, Tallahassee

H.H.H., 91

– 3 months on medical cannabis
– Cancer

I do very well with new cannabis! It puts me to sleep at bed time. Wish it would last all night. I wake around 3:30 am. i expect to improve the use of the cannabis, type; dose; etc. Very pleased at this time, glad to to have started this!


David, 64, Tallahassee

David, 64

– 1 month on medical cannabis
– Back Pain

very professional and knowledgeable

Robert, 45 Tallahassee

Robert, 45

– 3 months on medical cannabis
– Back Pain

Helping people who prefer not to be consumed by the U.S. opioid epidemic! Amen.

P.V, 63, Tallahassee

P.V., 63

– 3 months on medical cannabis
– Seizures, migraines
– Previously treated with pharmaceuticals for the seizures

I am 63 years old and live in an apartment alone in rural Florida. I am unable to work because of migraines and seizures. I was on pharmaceuticals for the seizures and smoking marijuana. I noticed that the only time I had a seizure was when I had run out of the marijuana. So I am extremely happy to use the vape pens and pharmaceuticals and have had no seizures in almost 6 months. I started using them in October 2016. I also have only one migraine since then when I could sometimes have two per week. I just would like very much to be able to smoke it but Rick Scott code to omit that when he signed the bill.
I think cannabis should be legal for anyone 21 years of age.

Hazel, 64

Hazel, 64

– 4 months on medical cannabis
– Chronic Pain, TMJ
– Previously treated with Tylenol, Codeine, Vicodin, Neurontin

I have been self-employed as a freelance editor, proofreader, and translator (German/English) for many US publishers since Dec. 1985. I’ve been married for over 30 years, and my husband and I care for 10 cats and 2 dogs, all rescues and seniors, and most with special needs. We like to eat out and travel, and once I began to experience extreme, unending pain, we had to stop doing both. In Sept. 2016 I developed severe bilateral earaches. The stabbing, shooting, burning pain spread. My temples, around and under my eyes, my cheekbones, my mouth, my gums, my teeth, my jaw, in and behind my ears were affected.

I’d been diagnosed with TMJD, but the pain was far greater than that, moved all over my face, was bilateral. It felt as though ice picks were being shoved into my ears and as though knives were working themselves out from my gums. My cheekbones and the roof of my mouth were on fire. The pain traveled rapidly all over my face, in no particular order. Finally a neurologist at the Cleveland Clinic, Weston, FL, diagnosed me with atypical facial pain, a neurological condition that has no cure.

Previously, my dentist, oral surgeon, and pcp prescribed Tylenol plus codeine, a muscle relaxer, Vicodin; none even touched the pain. The neurologist prescribed Neurontin, which didn’t help the pain and left me in a fog. I only slept a few hours, then excruciating pain woke me, and I was awake for the rest of the night. I could barely work and thought I’d have to give up my business. I couldn’t even take my dog for walks. I couldn’t drive.

I decided to give medical marijuana a chance since drugs didn’t work and only left me in a fog and staggering about. I saw Dr. Dorn, who was wonderfully understanding, knowledgeable, and sympathetic. As soon as I got my MM card, I went to a Surterra dispensary. The employees were SO knowledgeable, helpful, and caring, and they helped me find a type of tincture oil and vape pen (Calm) that they thought might be of most use. MM gave me back my life.

When I am in pain, I take 0.5 ml tincture oil (Dr. Dorn started me on 0.1 ml and suggested I work my way up until I found a dosage that worked; he suggested 12.0 ml as the most I should take per day, and I’ve never had to take that much) and two 3-second puffs of the vape pen. The latter works quickly, within 10-15 minutes, and the tincture oil normally keeps me pain free for 4-7 hours or longer.

People worry about MM “getting them high” but it has never had that effect on me. I can do my work again–it requires lots of concentration–and perform activities of daily living without being in such agony that I can’t do anything. Because Surterra’s tincture oil is expensive ($260 per vial), I thought I’d try another dispensary, Trulieve. I purchased oil with the same ratio of CBD to THC (12.5:1) as the SurTerra oil for about $75. The employees weren’t knowledgeable or helpful, and I was unimpressed by them–and their oil did NOTHING for my pain, so I went back to Surterra immediately.

I am disgusted that MM is illegal in some states. I wish Congress had the guts to legalize it. Alcohol is an enormous danger; marijuana is not. To put marijuana in the same category of cocaine; to say it’s an “entry-level drug” is absurd. If it weren’t for Surterra products, I simply do not know what I would do. I know I wouldn’t be working, going out with my husband and friends, driving, leading a normal life. I carry my vape pen with me everywhere, in case I have breakthrough pain. I cannot begin to tell you how grateful I am to MM for giving me back my life.

David, 32

David, 32

– 5 months on medical cannabis
– Epilepsy

I’ve been seeing MMTC since April of last year and the staff is very knowledgeable and courteous. They’re also very easy to get in touch with if I have any problems or concerns. MMTC is a good stand up company. I couldn’t ask for a better doctor or medical team.

P.R.C., 62, Summerfield

P.R.C., 62

– 4 months on medical cannabis
– RLS (Restless Legs Syndrome), sleeping problems

I have always had trouble sleeping for over maybe a hour or two with the RLS, and since I have been vaping at night before I go to bed, I sleep well now and wake up rested. Thank you very much for the help you have given me with my conditions.